As the story goes, after learning that his 2004 Late Night Tales mix had recently been reissued as a remastered “collectors edition,” a frustrated Four Tet—who claims to have had no involvement with the new release—decided to simply give away the entire mix himself. “[The] reissue of my Late Night Tales mix they are doing has nothing to do with me… they never told me about it and [I have] not heard the remaster,” the London producer said on Twitter today, soon following his statements with links to download the entire 2004 mix and his cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Castles in the Sand”—which appears as part of Four Tet’s Late Night Tales—for free. Who knows how long these will last, but for now, the mix album can be downloaded here and the Hendrix cover can be grabbed here. Turning an understandable frustration with a record label overstepping its bounds into an opportunity to give his fans free music—just another reason to love Four Tet.