Next on DVS1’s Mistress Recordings is an EP from Frag Maddin

MISTRESS13 is described as “a thrilling collage of rough jacking jams between house and techno.” It’s said to reveal Maddin’s soft spot for erratic contrasts and possess serious muscle for the dancefloor. 

Maddin grew up producing hip-hop through his teenage years before moving to Hamburg with a growing interest in electronic music. Since relocating to Berlin in 2012, he’s put out releases on Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse Records, Waze & Odyssey’s W&O Street Tracks, and Kakudo Records. 

Previous Mistress releases have come from Lapien, Anthony Rother, and Kirill Mamin, among others. 

“Some people say that monotony will lead to an artist’s dead end. But how can it be that in electronic music the perfect loop disproves this law? Isn’t the negative connotation of monotony already the wrong premise? Our entire everyday life, however, varied it may be, is characterized by routines that provide a feeling of security and structure. But most of the time it’s the small, unforeseen interruptions that make our monotony special in the first place. 

“That’s the mindset I tried to integrate within my workflow as a producer chasing the perfect loop, which is why most of the tracks of the Mistress EP are the result of jam sessions. Those tracks reflect the fleeting moment when ideas flow in a merging of creativity and emotion without me overthinking every move. Later, when I finish the arrangements, I accept those small mistakes and glitches because they’re not only somehow capture those magical moments but also counter the music’s monotony with something intuitive.” — Frag Maddin


01. 1312

02. Reisefuehrer

03. Transmission X

04. Red Light District

Digital Bonus: Gotta Run 06:27

MISTRESS13 EP lands July 26, with clips below, and pre-order here