Photo: Timothy Charles Lyons

Francis Harris has unveiled Threshholds, a new album on Scissor & Thread.

Across 12 introspective ambient works, Thresholds explores ideas of thought and connection.

While the Brooklyn, New York artist’s previous albums, most notably Leland and Minutes of Sleep—as well as two albums he’s released as one half of Aris Kindt—have relied on narrative drives, Thresholds aspires to sonic universality and “the presentation of a fully formed psycho-acoustical world,” we’re told. It’s inspired by today’s ecological and political upheavals and the role of speculative thought as an avenue of global transformation.

Harris is once again by a strong list of collaborators, with vocals from Elina Glass and instrumentation by Dave Harrington, Mark Nelson (Pan American), Will Shore, Greg Paulus, and Gareth Redmond. The album was mixed by Phil Weinrobe at Figure 8 studios.

In line with the announcement, Harris has shared “Rebstock Fold,” a track inspired by a visit to Rebstockpark in Frankfurt. The track is described as an “exploration in intensive rather extensive thought.”

For more information on Harris, check out his XLR8R feature here.


01. Useless Machines
02. And Everything Is One Thing After Another
03. Rebstock Fold
04. Earth Moves
05. Thresholds
06. Luck Takes A Step
07. I Can Still See Us
08. Speculative Nature Of Purposive Form
09. Cut Up
10. New Pastoral
11. On That Occasion, Landeau
12. Every Degree Of Distance

Thresholds LP is scheduled for February 25 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Rebstock Fold” in full below and pre-order here.