Parisian techno producer François X has announced the release of his next EP, which will drop via his own DEMENT3D Records this July.

François-Xavier Zoumenou co-founded DEMENT3D alongside Julien Haguenauer (a.k.a. Heartbeat) back in 2011, and the pair have since put out records by the likes of Polar Inertia, Antigone and DSCRD. Their next release will come from François X himself, two years after his last solo appearance on the label (he has also collaborated with Antigone and Opuswerk during the interim). Having dropped what the label describes as his penchant for “the tribal shamanism,” the French producer pursues a much more subtle approach to techno with the forthcoming Unicorn Paranoia. 

Zoumenou explains that the EP is “without a doubt techno with raw character,” but that “there is a subtler and more delicate aspect to it that reflects one of the angles of what I feel is my approach to music. My DJ sets, for example, tend to aim at length and progression rather than instantaneous efficiency. I apply myself to bring about contemplation and reverie, those fleeting moments when “the magic” briefly performs. Persistence Hunting and Unicorn Paranoia are a perfect realization of that illusion.”

Unicorn Paranoia is set for release in mid-July, both as a vinyl and digital download.

A1. “Time”
A2. “Unicorn Paranoia”
B1. “Persistence Hunting”
B2. “Vivid Dreams”