Francis Harris (a.k.a. Adultnapper) and Anthony Collins are preparing their debut full-length as Frank & Tony for Scissor & Thread, which also serves as a platform for likeminded house producers Bob Moses and Black Light Smoke. Both project and label were initiated in late 2011, and the Brooklyn-based pair has since put out six collaborative EPs in addition to ongoing solo efforts. The nine tracks on the forthcoming You Go Girl will be split across three vinyl EPs, leading up to the full album release on November 17. You arrives first, on October 20, Go follows on November 3, and Girl rounds things out on November 17. Snippets from You—including a preview of “Companion,” featuring the inimitable DJ Sprinkles—have been made available to preview below, where tracklists can also be found.

You Go Girl
01. After Days (Digital Exclusive)
02. Faded (Dub)
03. Bring The Sun feat. Gry
04. Villa Seurat
05. Resistance feat. Jason Poranski (Digital Exclusive)
06. Call Me Rain
07. Only By Moving (Digital Exclusive)
08. Love Brut
09. Novella

You EP
01. Companion feat. DJ Sprinkles (Vinyl Exclusive)
02. Bring The Sun feat. Gry
03. Faded (Dub)

01. Novella
02. Nine Cities (Vinyl Exclusive)
03. Call Me Rain

Girl EP
01. Love Brut
02. Resistance (Dub) (Vinyl Exclusive)
03. Villa Seurat