Frank Wiedemann and RY X are set to return as Howling with “Phases,” the first new music from their forthcoming full-length.

The duo released their debut album Sacred Ground in 2014 to widespread acclaim—and “Phases” is the first new Howling material since then. Released digitally on March 8, 2017 on Counter Records alongside a club version of the original, the single will be followed by remixes from Alex.Do (Dystopian) and Toto Chiavetta (Innervisions) which will see a vinyl and digital release via Innervisions.

“We began this track with a few synths and some obscure vinyl samples when we had some time together in California in an old wood and stone house looking down over the sea… everything was recorded there with all the beautiful scratch and hiss of a lounge room with windows open to the world… we shaped it further playing it live, learned how it needed to flow and gently coerced it when we could in Berlin and Ibiza and anywhere we found ourselves in between… it found its way to its many forms and carries all those places and moments with it now..”

In advance of the release, XLR8R caught up with the duo.

Tell us a bit about what you have both been up to since 2015’s “Sacred Ground” LP?

Expanding in so many ways. Making music and art with all of our projects and growing our worlds both in and outside of work and music. Touring, learning, producing, business, surfing, travel, yoga, and too many emails.

You and Frank are located miles apart (Berlin and LA). Do you both take influences from these musically diverse cities?

We do, yes. And also I think we both consider ourselves people that don’t belong only to one place. We travel most of the year to tour and create, so the experiences and influence is born not just of LA and Berlin, but from the myriad of experiences and places in between.

Is it hard finding time to get together and record? How often do you get in the studio together?

We make a big effort to see each other whenever we are close geographically, and we create and write in strong focus in these periods. We set up recording studios in houses or lofts or barns wherever we can, and then direct our energy into more structured studios at times, too. We both believe in capturing the essence of a song in its creation, wherever/whenever that happens. The important thing is the dedication to creating space and time for that to process to unfold. And so we arc for that as much as possible.

What have you both been listening to lately? Any tips one what we should be checking out?

We both tend to listen to what we are making a lot, individually and together, it’s a big part of the creative process, to examine and better understand your own works. Beyond that, there is always a lot of African music, modern minimal composers, ambient, and of course techno made by our friends.


01. Phases
02. Phases (Club Edit)
03. Phases (Radio Edit)

“Phases” is released digitally on March 8 via Counter Records, with the stream available below.