Franz Rosati will release a new EP on Holotone.

Holotone is the label of Daniele Antezza (a.k.a Inner8)— a member of Dadub. The label’s three previous releases have come from Antezza himself, as Inner8, Koichi Shimizu, and Scald Process in late 2017. It will be Rosati’s, an Italian sound and digital artist, first appearance on the imprint. He’s previously released on his own label Nephogram and Ripple Recordings, among others.

The releases lands with the following text:

“Gaining traction, gaining speed, the primaeval ritual reaches its boiling point, melting the borders of mind and flesh: a turgid vortex of unstable potential, constantly mutating and morphing itself. Unformed and unstructured morphogenetic flows of matter-energy-information, self-organizing processes constituting a veritable non-organic life: the Body without Organs, that glacial reality where the alluvions, sedimentations, coagulations, foldings, and recoilings that compose an organism occur, a motherly womb detonating hydrogen bombs in her prefrontal cervix, atomizing the doors of perception with sheer gargantuan sonic tremor.”


A01. Continua Imperfect
A02. Protective Layers
B01. Xamy Disu
B02. Mercurial Device
B03. Chase Me Astral

NULLTELÉKHEIA EP will land at the end of February, with “Continua Imperfect” available to stream below.