Fred P (a.k.a Black Jazz Consortium) has announced the release of a forthcoming album on Mule Musiq, under the FP-Oner moniker. Entitled 6, the full-length is the second installment of a scheduled trilogy, coming out via the Japanese imprint. The producer’s latest LP succeeds, 5, the first segment of the project, which coincidentally debuted his latest alias. As reported by Juno6 represents the number of man and his or her limitations, weakness and imperfections. This body of work examines and looks towards one awakening; adapting to a new way of being, creating an alternative and reaping a higher state of mind and being, enhanced by love and serenity, satisfaction and joy.”


01. Awakening Co-creator
02. Kundalini Rising
03. Decalcified
04. New Life Form
05. Learning Process
06. Adjusted Perception
07. Gather Strength
08. Alternate Reality
09. Reap Love
10. Things To Come
11. Vision In Osaka

6 will land via Mule Musiq on May 27, 2016.