Fred Peterkin (a.k.a Fred P) will soon release 7, his latest LP and the final entry his FP-Oner album trilogy for Japan’s Mule Musiq.

The New York producer has the FP-Oner as his outlet for deep and introspective sounds ever since he launches the alias in 2014 with the 5 LP, and he followed this release last year with 6. 7, scheduled for July release, completes the series.

Peterkin explains that he have 7 bring together the esoteric themes established in the trilogy’s previous chapters: “The record 5 was intended to introduce a meditative energy within a rhythmic construct, as the number 5 represents the dynamic and unpredictable. The album 6 is of an earthly and more harmonious discord… Finally, with 7, my goal is to merge the two into balance, as one focused state of mind, as 7 is the thinker beyond understanding or beyond the illusion.”

Peterkin’s last full-length, named Escapism, landed just a few months ago via his own Soul People Music imprint and credited to The Incredible Adventures Of Captain P.


01. Chapter 7
02. Smiles And Cries
03. Cosmic Waters
04. Follow The Sound
05. Light Years feat. Minako
06. Like Yesterday
07. Beyond Understanding
08. Living Waters
09. Travelling Zones
10. Simple Things
11. Arigato

7 is scheduled for August 25 release, with clips available here.