Even casual fans of dubstep can relate to a title like Living Inside the Speaker, which happens to be the name of a dubstep documentary that’s been getting some love of late.

Two Mashup Mafia crew members—who simply go by Mike and Mark—created the film a couple years ago, but recently decided to release it to the masses for free, much to the delight of the heads who caught wind of this via the famous dubstep forum a couple weeks ago (note the ever-growing thread of words like “big ups” and “massive” below the post).

Interviewing the likes of DJ Pinch, Peverelist, Bubonic, Hench Crew, Stealth, Dub Boy, Skream, and others, the filmmakers track the dubstep scene in Bristol, England, often considered second only to London as a U.K. leader of the genre.

Download the entire film here.

Living Inside the Speaker:

Pictured: Skream