Toronto, ON-based broken-beat, hip-hop, and nu-jazz label Public Transit Recordings (PTR) is offering an exclusive 15-song compilation at its online store. The comp, titled Next Stop, features a comprehensive look at the label’s diverse roster and includes music by broken-house star Arch_typ, deft MCing from L.A.’s Voice, chunky beats from LAL, and PTR founder Moonstarr’s own leftfield beats.

PTR has been in business since 1999 and has carved out its own unique contribution to the North American electronic jazz sound, joining L.A.’s Ubiquity and New York’s Bagpak as one of the strongest and most consistent deep beat providers.

New artists to the roster, Karma & Lotus, Think Twice, Tony Ezzy, and Incubator, have been busy with single releases and remixes for various labels. Their collective electronic soul shines on comp.

Next Stop is a free download and available only at the PTR site.

Next Stop
01 Voice “Fantasy – Pt.1 (Think Twice Remix)”
02 Karma & Lotus “The Notice + Lost Beat Revised”
03 Think Twice “Stars”
04 LAL “Erase Me”
05 Tony Ezzy “Give A Damn”
06 Moonstarr “Broken Bossa”
07 Arch_Typ “3333”
08 LAL “Saturn (Alister Johnson Remix)”
09 LAL “Dancing the Same (Abacus Remix)”
10 Murr “Addiction”
11 Incubator “Dakar Pockey”
12 Grahmzilla “Bionic”
13 Moonstarr & Sarah Linhares “Into The Out”
14 iNSiDEaMiND “The Tiniest Spy”
15 Aadm “Piercing”

Pictured: PTR founder Moonstarr. Photo by Trevor Moon.