Photo: José Gusman

Freedom To Spend, an imprint of RVNG Intl. helmed by Pete Swanson and Jed Bindeman, will re-issue Chaleur Humaine, the debut album from French sibling duo UMAN

Chaleur Humaine is Danielle and Didier Jean’s debut album, and it was originally released in 1992 on Buda Musique. The pair recorded it after relocating to Orsay, a suburb south of Paris, where they built a humble studio in isolation as they sought to reject the conformity of the mainstream music industry.

Within their recording sanctuary, they embraced cutting edge consumer music technology that informs the album’s esoteric, textural characteristics. This is especially notable in the processing of Danielle’s voice, inventively sampled, shifted, and processed, and then woven through Didier’s dream worlds. Chaleur Humaine is in many ways a symbol of the pair’s new, liberated perspective, inspired by a space that gave them the freedom to experiment with ideas independently.

“We wanted to go beyond the oceans, the mountains, to explore humanity and to snuggle up to the heart of human beings,” UMAN said. “That’s why we’re thrilled for new ears and a new generation to hear the music of Chaleur Humaine.”

Chaleur Humaine follows RVNG’s release of Japanese artist Satomimagae’s Hanazono album.

On behalf of UMAN, a portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit Greenpeace France.


01. Человечность (Chaleur Humaine—Russian)
02. UMAN Spirit
03. Aubade
04. Human Warmth
05. Entrelacs
06. Mémoire Vive
07. Chaleur Humaine
08. Cordes Sensibles
09. Maelström
10. البشري الحرارة (Chaleur Humaine—Arabic)
11. Atmosphère
12. Calor Humano
13. Human
14. Hơi ấm của nhân loại (Chaleur Humaine—Vietnamese)
15. Lalala
16. Menselijke Warmte
17. Ménestrel
18. אנושית אש (Chaleur Humaine—Hebrew)
19. Déambulation

Chaleur Humaine LP will land on September 17. Meanwhile, you can stream “UMAN Spirit” and “Mémoire Vive” in full below and pre-order here.