Photo: Igor Pjorrt

Malibu will release a new EP next month.

Palaces of Pity, due out on UNO NYC, is the French producer and vocalist’s second EP, following 2019’s One Life, and its companion release, One Life : four remixes, which saw renditions from Julianna Barwick and Evian Christ.

Palaces of Pity acts as a sort of sequel to One Life, we’re told, gazing out “into the same ocean,” but this time with a “new, subdued perspective.”

Where One Life has grown out of anger and raging seas, Palaces of Pity is calm, we’re told: “storms have passed, and it is “boring almost,” Malibu says.

The songs are brought to their layered life with recordings of Florian Le-Prisé on delayed guitars and cello play by the hands of Oliver Coates and Madelen Dressler-Vollsaeter.

Malibu’s work sails between ambient and ethereal music, revealing a diary of her life within a sea of synthetic strings and choirs. It’s all inspired by the vastness of our natural environment, as well as the minuscule details of film and novels. She often uses her own dreams and reality as a catalyst for composing, attaching the images from her mind to sound.

In 2017, Malibu contributed to PAN’s Mono No Aware compilation.


01. The Things That Fade
02. So Far Out of Love
03. Atlantic Diva
04. Cheirosa ’94
05. Iliad

Palaces of Pity EP is scheduled for November 18 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “So Far Out of Love” in full below and pre-order here.