The Freqs of Nature Festival has now announced the lineup for this year’s Bass Playground, alongside a Sleep Concert and various workshops.

The six-day summer event, located one hour from Berlin, is “committed to encouraging artists of all mediums to explore the depths of their imagination, to boldly produce work that is beautiful, peculiar and thought-provoking.” The festival invests heavily in projects that go beyond the musical lineup, with multiple galleries, installations, modular soldering workshops, landscaping, and organic decorations combined with scientific experiments and skilled engineering. The aim is to create an environment of peculiar content that “is yet to be seen” in the realm of electronic music by blending a celebration of psychedelic trance influences with collected artistries and craftsmanships from within Berlin’s urban art scene.

Having previously announced a string full of names, the organizers have now confirmed the lineup for the Bass Playground, including Mad Zach, Samurai Music label head Presha, Repeat Eater , Duran Duran Duran, Bassinfected, and DJ Scotch Bonnet, and many other great artists.

The festival has also announced the Soldering & Modular Patch workshop by The Czech collective Bastl Instruments, and various art galleries with a selection of artists from a variety of backgrounds, from street art to visionary art to classic and contemporary art. There will also be a Kinetic Sculpture workshop by the French master Patrice Pit Hubert and a Sleep Concert by Danish IDM legend Karsten Pflum who will create a “unique journey in the spirit of ambient godfather Robert Rich.”

With two weeks to go until the gates of Freqs Of Nature open, the organizers have answered a few questions.

Please explain in a few words, what the general concept and idea behind Freqs Of Nature festival is.

With Freqs of Nature our main focus has always been to provide a platform for a wide variety of peculiar art and engineering forms to be presented, fused and developed. To let creativity blossom by bringing together more than 200 artists and builders from all corners of the earth for over a month to present efficient infrastructures and to construct unique installations in styles not seen before. For us, all art and engineering forms within the festival are equally valued. Even though we take pride in our carefully selected lineup, it’s very important that Freqs of Nature is more than just a music festival.

The event has evolved from a psychedelic trance festival into a general electronic festival. Was this always the intention? 

It seems that this evolution is a natural process. We never thought of ourselves as a psych-trance festival because we have always included many other genres and we always believed that within all genres one can find intelligent and interesting music. Most of us grew up in the Psy-Trance festival scene and we have been going to these events as long as we can remember. We found that this scene has an unusually high number of people dedicating their lives to extremely detailed hand and art-crafts and through that a concept like ours to some extent would only be possible with the roots and connection to the psychedelic scene. Besides, the lovely international crowd is aware of their environment and surroundings and are used to traveling and camping for a week within a festival experience.

We will always keep this connection and we aren’t trying to hide our roots. Part of this evolution, mainly why other music forms are more present at the event, is to do with that change in other electronic music scenes. More people from various genres are interested in the arty-camping-festival experience and many more genres have sub-divisions and single artists that are having an organic approach in their musical aesthetic and production techniques and therefore fit into the way we’re programming our lineups.

Besides the diverse music program of Freqs, which other things are to explore during the festival days? 

Well, that’s almost impossible to answer with just a few words. Just by looking at our Bass Playground, that is an oversized playground constructed for adults with all kinds of climbing elements and an integrated stage, so that the music program and exploration are not separated.

As for things to explore, we would like to point out our galleries. The main Freqs gallery includes a selection of artists from a variety of backgrounds, from street art to visionary art to classic and contemporary art; the Arthouse Tachelis gallery is organized by parts of the former famous Berlin art-squad Tachelis, formed around the creations of the amazing Belarus painter Alexander Rodin.

Last year we introduced a little space dedicated to exploring and building synthesizers in order to give a glimpse into how electronic music is made. Here we’ll be working together with the Czech team of Bastl Instruments and others who will also be giving a Modular Patch Workshop.

Full Lineup: Bass Playground

B’ver Invaders
Cooh Balkansky
DJ Die Soon
DJ Scotch Bonnet
Duran Duran Duran
Eater Repeater
Indian Junglist
Karl Marx Stadt
Karsten Pflum
Kate Push
Kid Reaction
Last Life
Mad Zach
Maria Terror
Pat Flanders
Tom Battery

This year’s edition takes place from July 5-11 in Niedergörsdorf, Germany, with more information and tickets available here.