Freshjive, one of the undisputed OG brands in streetwear, is taking a trip back through time to revisit some of its early and most famous designs. The Resurgent Series is a collection of t-shirts whose origins lie in the years between 1989-1992, when Freshjive owner Rick Klotz took inspiration from the everyday (as in 7-11, Tide detergent, and cereal boxes) and cranked out the four designs below. In addition to the shirts, several promotional videos were made, featuring Klotz and his friends cruising, breakdancing and getting silly for the camera.

The four t-shirts are available now in limited quantities from Digital Gravel. In addition, Klotz and crew have made a new video that features old friends Ben Gruenberg and Sandman who, according to Klotz, “appear in the first videos, and who are still alive and kickin’.” Some things don’t change, and thank god for it.