Kieran Hebden, Adem Ilhan, and Sam Jeffers, collectively known as Fridge, will break six years of silence with The Sun, a collection of tracks culled from the last three years, appropriately set for release in the summertime. Variety reigns supreme here, with elements ranging from punchy, rumbling basslines to mellow, acoustic lullabies, hints of glitchy beats, and IDM-influenced pop to remind listeners of the trio’s individual music endeavors. Though spare on vocals, the melodies seem to sing in the place of a voice, helping create a high-tech celebration of trees, a good breeze, and, well, the sun.

The Sun is out June 19, 2007 on Temporary Residence.

1. The Sun
2. Clocks
3. Our Place in This
4. Drums of Life
5. Eyelids
6. Oram
7. Comets
8. Insects
9. Lost Time
10. Years and Years and Years