Friend Within has recently shared Love Defined, his highly anticipated first extended solo project.

Speaking on Love Defined, Friend Within says:

“Love Defined is me exploring my love of house music. I’ve created a body of work that I hope represents me as an artist and producer. It has been 18 months in the making and mastering but some tracks started life at the very start of Friend Within nearly six years ago. Other tracks are right up to date and with each and every tune in between I’ve tried to do something different. Even though the music was made at different times and even in different studios with different gear there is, for me, still a cohesion that allows the whole playlist to work as one entity.”

Out via his own imprint, He Loves You, the tracklisting is both diverse and cohesive. Rejecting the standard static album format, Love Defined is instead presented as a playlist with tracks to be added to it as time goes by. It is an ever-evolving body of work with a purpose to help define and provide a bigger understanding of Friend Within as an artist.

Better Looking