The latest visual artist/musician team to take on the Zune Arts film series (which has previously seen contributions from Motion Theory, Yuko Shimizu, Maps, Ratatat, and others) is Miami-based collective FriendsWithYou and Santogold, who have collaborated on the film Tickle Party.

The film concerns the adventures of two fluffy white creatures and a monster who cries rubies that eventually sprout into a Jack and the Beanstalk-style tree. FriendsWithYou used a blend of stop motion, puppetry, and 3D elements for the film, which is set to Santogold’s bumping “Say Aha” track. Zune brand marketing manager Rob Schaltenbrand notes that “the music of Santogold pairs really well with the creative vision for FriendsWithYou in the film,” and really, there is something fun about seeing 3D animation characters shake some booty and send out the positive message of caring over cruelty.

The truly fanatic can head to Zune Arts’ download section and send the film as a Valentine’s day e-card.

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