Friske will release his debut album on Metalheadz, titled A Different Perspective.

Friske, real name Sam Oliver, has been part of the Metalheadz family for seven years, since 2013’s Covert / Venture EP. He’s been working on A Different Perspective for three years, and it comprises 16 typically Friske tracks full of dark and broody atmospherics and razor sharp breaks, all with taste of hip-hop.

A Different Perspective is the third album Metalheadz, the British drum & bass label founded by Goldie, has released this year, following an outing from Bristolian Stephen Redmore as Mako.


01. A Different Perspective
02. Destination
03. Introspect
04. Untitled Piano
05. Starship
06. The Love We Had
07. SkylinePurple
08. Sky
09. Beacon
10. Urban Decay
11. Sabotage
12. Control (Remix)
13. Crime In The City
14. Gangway
15. Resistance
16. Rebel Force

A Different Perspective LP is out digitally on June 26. You can pre-order over at Bandcamp, and stream the title-track below.