Late October will see the release of the second Fuckypony album. Perhaps the most well-known alias of house mensch Jay Haze, Fuckpony shows the DJ-producer’s more soulful side, with one eye on the dancefloor and the other on the bedroom. Let the Love Flow is 10-track journey coming directly from Haze’s hand, eschewing samples entirely in favor of a more personal take on the Fuckpony sound. With vocals from Haze himself, as well as Chela Simon and Laila Tov, the album is sure to be a tender and sentimental house record, perfect for the winter months ahead.

Let the Love Flow comes out on BPitch Control on October 26.


01. R U Feeling Abroad 6:22
02. I´m Burning Inside 9:14
03. I Know It Happened (feat. Chela Simone) 6:25
04. Real Love Is Forever 6:16
05. Orgasm On The Dancefloor Saturday Night 6:33
06. Fall Into Me (feat. Chela Simone And Laila Tov) 5:12
07. A Pills Medley 6:32
08. You Can´t Touch But Feel Free To Look 6:35
09. Always Sunday 5:33
10. Let The Love Flow 3:25