The Britain-based trio used to sing everything from “Purple Rain” to “Wichita Line Man” in karaoke bars, if that says anything about the vast array of musical influences David Best, Steve Lewis, and Matt Hainsby (collectively Fujiya & Miyagi) give credit to on their latest album. Brimming with hints of Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, and The Happy Mondays, and sharing a title with a Vladimir Nabokov book, Transparent Things collects the band’s recent singles onto one CD, along with the addition of three new tracks. The lyrics make for some amusing icing on the cake, broaching subjects as mundane as office work and as hilarious as determining the difference between male and female genitalia while walking to school.

Transparent Things is out January 23, 2007 on Deaf Dumb & Blind Recordings.

Listen to the track “Ankle Injuries.”

1. Ankle Injuries
2. Photocopier
3. Collarbone
4. Transparent Things
5. Conductor 71
6. In One Ear & Out the Other
7. Sucker Punch
8. Cassettesingle
9. Cylinders