After our original reporting on the planned reissue of music from the seminal ’90s Detroit duo Drexciya was unfortunately void of many details, the Dutch Clone imprint has now filled in most of the blanks, sharing the album artwork (as seen above) and the forthcoming collection’s full tracklist. Maybe as an attempt to stay aligned with the myths and mysteries which surrounded the duo’s releases—which began 20 years ago—there still is no official release date other than “late December” for Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller, but the collection does gather work from Drexciya’s early catalog and we’re hoping the “I” numeral at the bottom of the artwork means that there may be more Drexciya reissues in the months to come. You can check the full tracklist below.

01 Welcome To Drexciya
02 Wavejumper
03 Lardossen Funk
04 Bubble Metropolis
05 Hydro Therapy
06 Beyond the Abyss
07 Unknown Journey
08 Aquarazords
09 Rubick’s Cube
10 Seaquake
11 Take Your Mind
12 Darthouven Fish Men
13 Dehydration