Chmmr will release a new LP on Prins ThomasFull Pupp imprint.

Hidden behind his Chmmr moniker is Even Brenden, whose debut found its way into the world via Norwegian psych-disco label Luna Flicks in 2010. The record became somewhat of a sought- after item and after making pit stops at Relish, Dødpop and Untz Untz Records, he landed on Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp in 2014.

Following this year drop of 12”s since 2010, Even Brenden (a.k.a Chmmr) set aside the spring of 2017 to challenge himself to a new format: a full-length album. The label describes the LP as “melodic, chuggy, and graphic,” that “belongs a little more in the living room than on the dance floor.”

Tracklist 2LP:

A1. Don’t Be A Stranger,
A2. Nine Chains To The Moon,
B1. 0x60,
B2. Media Vision
B3. Vim’s Theme
C1. New Slam
C2. Alles City Beat
D1. *Pretty Space*
D2. Welcome Onboard

Tracklist CD:

01. Don’t Be A Stranger
02. Nine Chains To The Moon
03. WALL-Y,
04. 0x60,
05. Media Vision,
06. Vim’s Theme,
07. New Slam,
08. Alles City Beat,
09. *Pretty Space*,
10. Welcome Onboard

Auto LP is scheduled for April 28 release.