Photo | Frank Hom

Prophet is up next on Stones Throw with Don’t Forget It, out January 31.

Prophet is an underground funk musician from the San Francisco Bay Area, who, until this year, had only put his name to one record: an obscure private-press LP called Right On Time (1984, Treasure Records). Indeed, that’s how Peanut Butter Wolf first caught wind of him, and eventually convinced him to sign to Stones Throw, as well as introducing him to Mndsgn. The two producers later linked up on Wanna Be Your Man, a collaborative full-length released in 2018, and from then on, Prophet has been part of the Stones Throw family.

Don’t Forget It is an album of entirely self-produced material. We’re told that working solo allowed Prophet to further explore his sound palette and whittle down over a hundred songs to 16 for this record. Some tracks share the retro-futuristic sound of Wanna Be Your Man, while others like the first single, Be the One for You, based around a catchy piano riff, are more hypnotic and looping.

An album tracklisting will be added as it comes available.

Don’t Forget It LP is out January 31, with pre-order here and “Be the One” streaming below.