English loudspeaker specialists Funktion-One are readying a new mixer in conjunction with Formula Sound, for sale later this year.

According to the producers, the new six channel FF6.2 combines “fantastic sound quality, solid build, ergonomic user interface, precision control with a host of features never previously offered on an analogue DJ mixer.” It is the latest product to tackle the high-end of the mixer market.

Channels 1 and 2 of the mixer are switchable between microphone or stereo line inputs, and have a selectable compressor built in for control, as well as twin balanced jack sockets that allow external instruments and other DJ mixers to be routed through it. Channels 3-6 have separate cross-fader routing selection, are switchable between stereo phono or line inputs, and all feature two sets of stereo RCA connectors (the lower pair for phono, the upper for line inputs). Further to this, a four-band full-kill EQ not only allows for complete frequency band cuts and isolation, but also for subtle spectral balance mixing more common in studios.

For more details on the product and a full overview of its features, head to the Funktion-One site