So you weren’t raving during the heyday of Planet Dog’s UK-based outdoor events and label output? That’s okay; a PD veteran is back, with a retrospective album and new remix single to kick off a new phase of dynamic, dubby electronic sounds. The artist in question is Mark Barrott, who’s nom du musique, Future Loop Foundation, has produced storied releases since 1996, including the lauded, eclectic full-length albums Time & Bass and Conditions For Living.

A new album, to be released July 30 and titled Memories From A Fading Room (Louisiana Recording), is described by his label as a “highly personal and organic album, hooked around vocal source material using electronic and acoustic instruments to present a synth-centered orchestral album that sparkles with originality and wit.”

To whet appetites for the new recording, Barrott enlisted some of contemporary dance music’s most exciting producers to remix parts of the album, starting with the ambient epic, “The Sea and the Sky.” X-Press 2’s Ashley Beedle ably injects his trademark soulful dance signature into his Earth mix and then brings back the sumptuous strings for his Orchestral Reprise at the end of the EP. New interpretations of album tracks by some of the best producers from downtempo and electronic music will also be released over the summer, including mixes from Go! Team, Tunng, and The Beauty Room.

A video for “The Sea And The Sky” constitutes part of an upcoming DVD release, in which BAFTA nominee Annie Watson edits Super8 footage of Mark’s childhood to the lush soundtrack of FLF.

EP Tracklisting
1. The Sea And The Sky (Original)
2. The Sea And The Sky (Ashley Beedle’s Earth Mix)
3. The Sea And The Sky (TG’s Angry Trucker Mix)
4. The Sea And The Sky (Padded Cell Remix)
5. The Sea And The Sky (Beedle’s Orchestral Reprise)