The DC-based Future Times label (ran in part by Maxmillion Dunbar) has announced plans to issue two EPs from label newcomers Japa Habilidoso (a.k.a. Guerrhina) and Mosey next month.

Brazilian producer Japa Habilidoso (who also runs the 40% Foda/Maneirissimo label) is set to offer two new tracks on his Funk Do Sindicalismo EP, with the label describing the a-side effort as the “most punk shit that Future Times has so far had the pleasure of releasing,” while the b-side “rides rugged piano loops and a collage of voices and noises to perfection.” Also set to appear around the same time as Habilidoso’s record for the label is Tuff Times, a three-track effort from a newcomer by the name of Mosey, whose productions are touted as having “an intangible, melancholy lift to them, [making them] primed for fans of lovers rock techno and 16-Bit new wave.” Both the Funk Do Sindicalismo and Tuff Times EPs are slated to land in April; in the meantime the pair of forthcoming records can be previewed below.

A1. Funk Do Sindicalismo
B1. Agronomia Setorial

A1. Tuff Times
B1. TC Midi Labs
B2. Live A Little