Erstwhile Bad Boy rapper G-Dep, who you might possibly remember from the single “Special Delivery” and pretty much nothing else, has finally gotten out of the pen.

So what hip-hop cred-increasing crime was he in for? Pushing weight upstate? Cop killa? Pushing keys from overseas? No, he was behind bars for–and I’m not making this up–throwing a hissy-fit at a T-mobile store and breaking a display model.

Naturally, this raises the question: Why does breaking a cellie display get you sent to Rikers? Well, because bail was $750, and Dep couldn’t come up with it. Dude already pissed away the money from his five-album deal with Bad Boy. Whoopsie-daisy! Well, he’s at work on his comeback album, and if you’re a G-Dep fan, you really should buy it because you wouldn’t want your man to do more time for, say, hopping a turnstile.

DJ Enki