GAIKA will present his debut album next month via Warp Records, titled Basic Volume. 

We’re told that Basic Volume is a “sprawling yet cohesive album that devours genres and spits them out, tangled around personal tales of love, loss, and rebellion.” The 15-track collection is co-produced by GAIKA, with additional production from SOPHIE, Dutch E Germ, Dre Skull, and DADRAS, Aart, as well as previous collaborators including Jam City, Nick Leon, and Buddy Ross. 

GAIKA says: “Basic Volume takes its name of from my father’s maroon technology. It is the science he taught me before he left this world. It is the poetry we grew under and were made strong by its force. With this knowledge, I fought until my hands bled, propelled into combat by the god of metals. It’s all true, I nearly lost my heart to angry memories, waking dreams of burnt out laboratories and dead friends. I am this chemistry and it is I and so I wrote it here. Basic Volume is a collection of alchemical parables for all the Immigrants who wander the earth in search of themselves.”

“Now GAIKA’s darkly magnetic blend of gothic dancehall and industrial electronics has expanded into his most far-reaching work yet,” the label adds. 

The release follows Gaika’s two EPs for Warp—Spaghetto and The Spectacular Empire—as well as a couple of self-released mixtapes. 


01. Basic Volume 

02. Hackers & Jackers 

03. Seven Churches For St Jude 

04. Ruby 

05. Born Thieves 

06. 36 Oaths 

07. Black Empire (Killmonger Riddim) 

08. Grip 

09. Clouds, Chemist And The Angel Gabriel 

10. Immigrant Sons (Pesos & Gas) 

11. Close To The Root 

12. Yard 

13. Crown & Key 

14. Warlord Shoes 

15. Spectacular Anthe

Basic Volume LP will land on July 27, with “Crown & Key” streaming in full below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.