Photo: Collin Hughes

Galcher Lustwerk will release Information (Redacted), a collection of instrumentals on Ghostly International.

The digital album, available on February 5, revisits material from both Information, Lustwerk’s debut on Ghostly, and Proof, its follow-up EP, removing Lustwerk’s vocals and “forgoing the truth in service of the vibe,” we’re told.

These are low-key dance productions, we’re told, some slowed to dubby, hypnotic effect and others “set loose in the night with no narrative guide,” the label explains.

The instrumental format reveals the Cleveland-raised, New York-based producer’s control of tone and mood, his nuanced use of drums, and his clever knack as an arranger, we understand. Though his work was always ready for the club, these pieces become less dramatic than their first iterations and opt to be more primed for implementation at the decks, if even just in your living room.

Two tracks on the back half are new, namely “Warming Up” and “Waltz.”


01. Graham (Instrumental)
02. I See A Dime (Instrumental)
03. Another Story (Instrumental)
04. Overpay, Overstay (Instrumental)
05. Proof (Instrumental)
06. I Had To Slow It Down (Instrumental)
07. Plainview (Instrumental)
08. Bit (Instrumental)
09. Cig Angel (Instrumental)
10. Fathomless Irie (Instrumental)
11. Been A Long Night (Instrumental)
12. Speed (Instrumental)
13. Leave (Instrumental)
14. Another Story (Another Version) [Instrumental]
15. Cig Angel (Dance Mix) [Instrumental]
16. Left In The Dark (Slowed)
17. Warming Up
18. Thermonics (Slowed)
19. Waltz

Information (Redacted) LP is scheduled for February 5 release on Ghostly International. Meanwhile, you can stream “Warming Up (Instrumental” in full below and pre-order here.