Galdoors boss Junes will inaugurate his Dote label with his debut album, A View.

Galdoors is known for its tasteful and modest output with releases from Leif, Duckett, and Audio Werner. Junes has previously appeared four times on Galdoors, but this will be his debut album. 

We’re told that the eight-track album explores the “direct yet dreamlike sound” Junes has made his own. It features “crisp grooves and ghostly palettes,” and “reveals a broader range of nuanced vibe.”

The release will land on vinyl only. 


A1. Balancing Act

A2. Second Wind

B1. Justified Fried

B2. Stop, Elate

C1. Packaging

C2. Two Sided Embrace

D1. April AM

D2. Spooked 

A View LP will land on June 18, with clips available below.