Three years on from a fist fight on stage that resulted in the group disbanding, Gallops return with the announcement of a new album and its opening track, “Darkjewel.”

According to the band, they “missed it too much, basically. Having some time away from the band gave us a fresh perspective and made us realize that Gallops still has life in it. It just needed a nap.” Now, the group return from the break with a new, revitalized sound driven by the propulsive charge of electronic music and the open-ended possibilities it affords. That isn’t to say that the band have disregarded instrumentation altogether; rather, they are used to color and shade the album’s electronic centerpiece.

The forthcoming album, Bronze Mystic, will be released on April 21 via Blood and Biscuits, and ahead of that release, you can stream the video for album cut “Darkjewel” in full below. Inspired by the “sub bass of boy racers ripping up a nearby carpark,” “Darkjewel” is a warped cut built from twisted electronics and thrilling instrumentation.