UK singer/producer Gang Colours is set to release his second full-length record, Invisible in Your City, later this month via Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label, and has shared multiple previews of its forthcoming music. Around a year-and-a-half ago, we called his album debut, The Keychain Collection, “cohesive” and “planned,” and from the new songs he’s shared so far, Gang Colours seems to be pushing forward into an even more cohesive place for his latest record. Invisible in Your City‘s title track sees Peterson cooing out barbershop harmonies balanced on a distant harp line, while “Led By Example” is a decidedly slow-grooving and spacious production. Before they’re released on September 16, both tracks can be heard below, where Invisible in Your City‘s artwork, tracklist, and trailer can also be found.

01. The Rhythm The Rebel
02. Invisible In Your City

03. Home
04. Up The Downs
05. Freshwater Fantasy
06. Led By Example

07. Communal Quo
08. River For Dinner
09. Why Didn’t You Call? feat. Lulu James
10. Always Crashing In The Same Car