The latest release on Gang Of Ducks drops today from label co-founder XIII.

The EP, titled Eocity, is “the result of a study on technological failure and the imagination of a non-existent urban landscape.” Recorded with the Yamaha EX5R, one of the first synths to implement VL synthesis, the EP presents a cold-yet-inviting artificial world full of mind-bending synth work. In this world presented on Eocity, man is not around anymore and the computer and machines are left to interact with the natural environment, represented with an ever-evolving array of alien-like synth lines and organic recordings.  

Alongside the release of the EP, Gang Of Ducks has shared a transfixing new video for EP cut “Sez_1N3v13,” available to watch via the player below. 

You can pick up the EP here

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can watch the video here.