Joining forces during the so-called “Golden Era of Rap,” DJ/producer Premier and MC/lyrcist Guru brought their individual talents (which eventually fostered successful solo careers) to the table to combine as Gang Starr, thusly setting the bar for producer/MC duos in hip-hop. The unlikely pair brought a distinctly jazzy element to their tracks, a sound they’ve continued to develop over the years, and one that’s set them apart from the Public Enemy’s and De La Souls of the hip-hop world.

Mass Appeal: The Best Of Gang Starr covers 21 of their best tracks during the years they’ve worked together, which span more than a decade, several Top 10 hits, and their #1 album, 1998’s Moment Of Truth. It’s a greatest hits album of sorts, with extensive-and rather compelling-liner notes that written by music journalist and author Soren Baker. Those with a little more cash to burn can pick up the special CD/DVD edition, with 13 music videos to accompany the album.

Mass Appeal: The Best Of Gang Starr is out December 26, 2006 on Virgin/EMI

Track List 

1. You Know My Steez
2. Manifest
3. Step In The Arena
4. Mass Appeal
5. Ex Girl To The Next Girl
6. Skills
7. The Militia
8. Check The Technique
9. Dwyck
10. Take It Personal
11. Put Up Or Shut Up
12. Above The Coulds
13. Lovesick
14. Now You’re Mine
15. Soliloquy Of Chaos
16. Code Of The Streets
17. Just To Get A Rep
18. Royalty
19. B.Y.S.

Bonus Tracks

20. Tha Squeeae (from the Training Day soundtrack)
21. Natural (from the Spin This soundtrack)

DVD Track List

1. Step In The Arena
2. Just To Get A Rep
3. Who’s Gonna Take The Weight
4. Ex Girl To The Next Girl
5. Take It Personal
6. Code Of The Streets
7. Mass Appeal
8. You Know My Steez
9. The Militia
10. Full Clip
11. Discipline (feat. Total)
12. Nice Girl, Wrong Place
13. Skills