Detroit’s Dirtbombs have had their hands in the electronic-music pot before, trading sides with Adult. back in 2004, when the two groups released a split 7″, with each covering a track from the other. Now The Dirtbombs, hot on the heels of releasing this killer animation below for their cover of techno classic “Sharevari,” are set to put out an entire album of tracks from their hometown’s electronic music legacy. Party Store (what Detroiters would call a bodega or convenience store) will be released on garage-friendly label In the Red on February 11, on CD, digital, and 3xLP formats, and will feature covers of everything from Inner City’s “Good Life” to the somewhat lesser-known DJ Rolando banger “Jaguar 1.” Check the artwork, tracklist, and video below.

Party Store Tracklist
1. Cosmic Cars
2. Sharevari
3. Good Life (Basement Roots Mix)
4. Strings of Life
5. Alleys Of Your Mind
6. Bug In The Bass Bin
7. Jaguar 1.
8. Tear The Club Up
9. ?????-???(Detoroito Mix)