Typically, when a plug-in comes with the phrase “No Musical Experience Required” on the packaging, it’s probably not going to be a producer’s wet dream. But Cakewalk’s Studio Instruments is bundled with a plethora of live, playable drum sounds, electric pianos, bass, and even a string section (musical experience may help here), and is good enough for any composer on a $50 budget who can’t afford the real instruments.

For the musically disinclined, the standalone/plug-in software is equipped with prerecorded loops that can be transposed into measures to fool the most talented of songwriters. The fact that there are built in effects doesn’t hurt this nice little package either. The piano features adjustable drive, chorus, and tremolo pedals, while the drums can be compressed and run into another line of outside effects. While cakewalk’s Studio Instruments may not be as ideal as the real thing, at $49.99 it’s definite fuel for creative fire.

Cakewalk’s Studio Instruments is available now from Cakewalk