With guitars prominent on dozens of releases these days, many studio techs are looking for ways to spruce up the old six-stringed instrument, and the Electro-Harmonix HOG guitar synthesizer is the ultimate step toward guitar enlightenment. This polyphonic pedal gives any player the ability to shift between 10 interval pitches, both live and in the studio. But unlike other similar hardware devices, this analog monster doesn’t require any outside pickups, and is entirely latency, glitch, and delay free.

HOG also features six separate expression modes, complete with wha effects, filters, step bends, and volume control, for an entirely customized experience. It also contains a “Freeze Gliss” function that allows a chord to resonate as the player shreds over it. Connectable via USB and bundled with a foot pedal for control, this piece of guitar history is the best thing since the chromatic tuner–even if it retails for nearly $500.00.