Reason 3.0 is pretty bad-ass. Any production software that comes in the form of an emulated rackmount paradise (just consult the virtual cables, synths, drum machine, mixing board, sequencer, and effects) is dreamy for any musician who cherishes a realistic feel to his or her programming. Unlike other applications, Reason allows the same recording potential as many of its competitors, but without the hassle of necessarily having to learn an entirely foreign, computer-derived language. Now, Propellerhead is about to blow minds, both old and new, with the long-awaited Version 4.0.

This time around, the software giant won’t be throwing any forks in the road for previous users. Containing the same rackmount emulation of versions past, the updated package is simply tacked with a series of new amazing features. Including a new arpeggiator, a ton of new drum-machine patches, a new tool window that won’t stiffen your creative workflow, and a boastfully analog-sounding Thor synth, Reason will now be able to work intuitively, with analog-driven sounds that can still be ReWired into other applications like Live or Pro Tools. While it still may not be ideal for live use, Reason 4.0 will presumably weed out plug-in weaklings and pathetic presets that plague many bedroom set-ups.

Reason 4.0 is available for $499 New/$129 Upgrade from Propellerhead.