With EQ racks that rival Hollywood studios and sample collections spanning classical instruments to analog synths, IK Media has been a good friend to many-a-producer with its software applications. Now the plug-in giant is throwing rockers a bone with the AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix experience.

Recreating Hendrix’s effect rig and amp setup, AmpliTube features four separate amp heads, seven different cabinet sounds, nine stomp pedals, four separate rack effects, and a tuner. Bedroom musicians and old-timers engaged in the technology revolution have just experienced Christmas a little early this year.

With the ability to hook up any hardware synth or MIDI instrument to a wah, fuzz, and tremolo pedal with a distorted amp powering the gamut, unique sounds are guaranteed.

Of course your metal bro or local Guitar Center manager may snicker at you, but for only $249.00, you’ll be able to sound like Hendrix, man.

The AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix is available from IK Multimedia.