Gene On Earth has unveiled a new compilation through his Limousine Dream label.

Gene On Earth launched Limousine Dream in 2017—but until now it has only released his own productions, including his debut album, Local Fuzz. The Sound Of Limo is the first in a new series of releases under an umbrella of the same name, and it features exclusive works from the likes of Roza Terenzi, Dyed Soundorom, Sweely, and James Andrew. It’ll be available digitally and on vinyl. The series will continue with solo releases from some of the artists featured on the compilation.

The Sound of Limo was born of a certain sound, collective constructed during the winter of 2020-2021, and specially prepared for you here, by Limousine Dream,” the label says.

In support of the release, Gene On Earth has put together mix for Dimensions, comprising only unreleased tracks. You can hear all 13 tracks from the release, and the others will come out on The Sound Of Limo soon.


01. Sweely “Shut Up And Stay Home”
02. James Andrew “Fantastic Bombastic”
03. Huerta “Steve’s Limo Track”
04. Anderson “Freak Sound”
05. Gene On Earth “Brown House Double Decker (BHDD)”
06. Liquid Earth “Yorbalinda Breaks”
07. Voodoos & Taboos “Golden Age”
08. Sugar Free “Hazme Soñar”
09. Roza Terenzi “Snow Dive”
10. Dyed Soundorom “Up There”
11. DJ Pipe “Mini Abstract”
12. Noiro “Achtung, Achtung!”
13. Taslo Valve “High Sprockets”
14. Gene On Earth “Frog Magic” (Digital Only)

Limousine Dream will release The Sound Of Limo on June 14. Meanwhile, you can stream the Dimensions mix below and pre-order the compilation here.