Australian artist Genesis Owusu has shared his latest single, “Awomen, Amen.”

The affecting new track follows previous single “Sideways,” which was supported by Triple J Radio, Noisey, and The Fader, and features production by Simon Marvin and Perrin Moss of Grammy-award nominated Hiatus Kaiyote. “Awomen, Amen” includes an excerpt from a speech originally given by anti-slave speaker Sojourner Truth at a Women’s convention in 1851, which is delivered by Abi Maminimini, Owusu’s Zimbabwean friend from high school, an is an ode to females, as he explains:

“‘Awomen, Amen’ is not a love song. It is an ode to the female in all of her grace, elegance, nastiness, power, rebellion, boldness, and ferocity. I didn’t write this song as one of the ‘nice guys.’ I didn’t write it to show everyone that I’m the perfect man who has never disrespected a woman in his life, or to be the poster boy ‘male feminist.’ I have been gross and misogynistic before—I’ve been a teenage boy. Sometimes I still have to catch myself from being susceptible to my inherent male conditioning. I didn’t write this song as one of the ‘nice guys,’ I wrote it as a man who is trying to understand and do better.”

You can stream the single below, with purchase options here.