Photo | Fabrice Bourgelle

Salami Rose Joe Louis, real name Lindsay Olsen, has released a new album, available now on Brainfeeder.

Chapters of Zdenka is an offshoot collection of music from Olsen’s 2019 Brainfeeder debut, Zdenka 2080.

The 21-track album, which includes remixes by Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dakim, compiles originals Olsen recorded during the sessions for Zdenka 2080. It’s a “highly personal” suite of tracks, we’re told, containing songs that the Californian musician and planetary scientist wrote “as a form of therapy,” she explains. They talk about the “fear of losing one’s mind” and the “confusion of having an overactive imagination.”

Alongside the announcement, Brainfeeder has shared Dakim’s remix of “Kinda Cold,” a revamp of Zdenka 2080’s “Sitting with Thoughts,” which features visuals by Tessa Shimizu and Soen Settanni. You can stream the track and video via the player below.

Zdenka 2080, a complex record touching on dream pop and cosmic jazz, described a future dystopian earth in the year 2080 that has been mis-managed by unethical governments and corporations. For this, Olsen drew inspiration from a series of apocalyptic sci-fi novels in addition to movies such as Tekkonkinkreet and Embrace of the Serpent. Musically her influences included musical giants Shuggie Otis and Herbie Hancock, plus Raymond Scott, Stereolab, Flying Lotus.


01. We’re Dumb
02. Do You Care?
03. Fantasy
04. Permanently Shattered
05. Fuck “Eager to Please”
06. Pity Yourself
07. Don’t Do Anything Stupid
08. I Need You
09. I Stay in Bed These Days Too Much
10. Triumphant Buttress
11. Stranger by the Day
12. A Thermogenic Interlude
13. Cosmic Love
14. Wonders
15. Zeeanori’s Childhood
16. Soup for Zee
17. Cuddles
18. When You Smile
19. Peculiar Machine (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)
20. Kinda Cold (Dakim Remix)
21. Cosmic Dawn (Dakim Remix)

Chapters of Zdenka LP is available now digitally and as a limited edition cassette release.

Artwork: Cinque Mubarak; Layout by Corey Watson