Gacha Bakradze will release Obscure Languages, his new album.

Hailing from Tbilisi, Bakradze is one of Georgia’s leading electronic music exponents. He has become something of a mainstay of Belgian label Apollo, a sub-label of R&S Records, and he runs Transfigured Time. In 2018, he released Word Color, his exceptional debut album.

Obscure Languages is described by Lapsus, the Barcelona label behind the release, as a “sound continuation” of Word Color, with a “powerful narrative at its core.” It delves into the world of cinematic soundscapes, replete with microscopic details and fragments that showcase Bakradze’s luscious IDM style audio palette, laced with ambient, avant-techno, and bass.


A1. Indivisible
A2. Thank You For This Upload
A3. Driver
A4. Frame
B1. Impression
B2. Lift
B3. Lead
B4. Endless Tool
B5. Slow Heart

Obscure Languages LP is scheduled for January 22 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Indivisible” and “Endless Tool” below.

Black and white vinyl sleeve on gray background. Vintage concept. Mock up, 3D Rendering