Our monthly Ask the Experts column has taken a little break over recent times, but now that the summer is upon it, it’s once again time to enlist the services of an artist to help enlighten the XLR8R readers.

The concept is simple: our readers send in questions about whatever they want (production methods, DJing, gear, travel, artistry, etc.) and the artist selects a handful of their favorites to answer. In the past, the results have often been the best when the artist is someone with a real wealth of experience, and that’s something Gerd Janson has in abundance.

Most of the time, the inquiries we receive tend to focus on production and what happens in the studio, but our readers should feel free to ask about whatever they like. It can be something specific about Gerd’s career, or something more general about his influences or artistic approach. All questions should be sent to [email protected]; we’ll pass them along to Gerd, and at the end of the month, we’ll publish his answers.

(It’s also worth noting that a new artist will be tapped for Ask the Experts next month, and every month thereafter. In the meantime though, send in those questions for Gerd Janson).

Please note: all questions must be submitted by 5pm PST on Monday June 20.