Gerd Janson, Philipp Lauer, and Mark Barrott are set to return with a debut Talamanca System LP, titled Talamanca Syststem.

The trio met on the white island on the beach of Talamanca. A remix request by Mark Barrott bedded the International Feel boss in the trio with Philipp Lauer and Gerd Janson, also known as Tuff City Kids. A highly sought-after 12-inch later (Balanzat), as well as fantasies of getting together to work on more material, led to a fruitful studio session on the non-Balearic outskirts of Frankfurt am Main. The outcome of that session is the trio’s debut album.

According to the label, the release consists of nine tracks “ranging from up to downtempo, piano house smashers that would have deserved the prefix Italo-, percussion rituals captured by a group of zoo animals on the loose, soundtracks for dusk and dawn, hushed vocals, rites of ambient passages, powerful synth ballads and vamp choirs.”


03.Ancona Ancona
04.Ocean Grill
05.Tres Secadas
06.Conga Cage
07.Distant Shore

Talamanca System LP is scheduled for May 19 release, with album opener streamable below.