FJAAK will return in November with their sophomore album, Havel

Havel, a 10-track release, comes after two EPs on the German trio’s newly founded self-titled label. It sees them enlist man-like-Koogan of Margate/UK fame for vocal work, and “teases at the new direction FJAAK are heading towards,” they say. Long-time friends and collaborators Fadi Mohem and J.Manuel appear on the record as well. 

Their self-titled debut album was released in 2017 on Modeselektor’s label Monkeytown. 


01. Version 

02. Take Your Life (Feat. Koogan) 

03. I Could Never Live Without You By My Side 

04. Martin (Feat. J.Manuel) 

05. Apollo Tag 2 (Feat. Fadi Mohem and Tobi Neumann) 

06. xArctic Warmth 

07. **Smells Like Security** 

08. Netto (Interlude) 

09. All My Friends Are In The Bathroom (Feat. Koogan, Fadi Mohem and J.Manuel) 

10. Aniol 

Havel drops on FJAAK on November 13.