Gerry Read claims he chose his production handle as a nod to his cockney grandfather of the same name, not after the inimitable actor and prolific country music legend who used the homophone Jerry Reed. (Side note: Although their music is wildly different, the 19-year-old wunderkind tunesmith from Suffolk, UK appears to have more than just a name in common with the late guitar man, who signed to Capitol Records when he was only 18 years old.) Gerry with a ‘G’ is set to wrap up a four-part series of 12″ records he’s been releasing on Fourth Wave, the first of which we reviewed to high acclaim (check that out here). The final installment, “All by Myself” b/w “What A Mess” (pictured above), will drop on December 12, and is said to display Gerry’s knack for genre blending and bending with a unique amalgamation of disco, house, and drone.