The increasingly enigmatic Gerry Read has—out of nowhere—dropped an album’s worth of new tunes in the form of an extremely limited CD entitled Saucepan Jams Part 1. While the tracklist does look full enough to be an album in its own right, this isn’t exactly the follow-up we were imagining to Read’s excellent Jummy LP; but, after all, we are talking about the man who said simply, “I made this album well fast. See if you can hear my dog sampled in it,” for his quote in our Best Releases of 2012 list back in December. For now, Saucepan Jams Part 1 is available only in CD form, of which we’re told only 100 have been made. The record’s full tracklist and a stream of the tune “You Don’t Like” are below. The CD can only be ordered directly from the RAMP label, here.

01 Start
02 Kontrol Yourself
03 Casual Giggle
04 Planet Freon
05 Little Fuzzy
06 Twisted Snake
07 Liver
08 You Don’t Like It

09 Well Friendly Aliens
10 Birds Everywhere
11 Zap Gun
12 Pete’s Sake