Thicket is a new app for the iPhone/iPad by Anticipate artists Joshue Ott and Morgan Packard. Combining their individual styles in interactive visuals and sound, respectively, they have increasingly been channeling their performance, production, and programming expertise into a shared workspace that supports each direction.

The app is an audiovisual world of texture, movement, line, and tone. Spending time with Thicket, the user creates sonic and visual patterns within a space of warm, bright tones and evolving, elegant scrawls. Working with gesture to affect audio and visual responses, Thicket brings a playful, tactile intuitiveness to a world that might otherwise require a higher learning curve. Equally amenable to casual playing, intense exploration, or performance (the iPad version supports VGA output), Thicket is open-ended enough to allow discovery within its defined landscape. Check out some videos of the app in action after the jump!

Download the app for $1.99 at the iTunes store now.